Перевод песни Ian Hunter – One Fine Day

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Well, we’re back on the street, back on the air, one fine day
We’ll be back over here, back over there, one fine day
My whole world is upside down
A lot of people want me under the ground
But I know it’ll change, they’ll come around one fine day.
Back on line, back on track, one fine day
No more stabbing me in the back, one fine day
Losing your love don’t bother me now
I do my job and the love will come
I’ll be back on Deal Street having fun, one fine day, yeah.
One fine day
One fine day.
I don’t care what people say, I ain’t gonna live in yesterday
I know I’m gonna be OK, one fine day, one fine day, one fine day.
Hit me, hit me, hit me!
I tell you what, I think we should, er
I think, I think we should knock that whole last instrumental bit on the head.