Перевод песни Mary Chapin Carpenter – How Do

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Well that’s a real nice jacket son, it looks like it cost you too
And that car you’re driving hey, does that belong to you?
Well you don’t look familiar, are you new in town?
Here’s a local girl who wants to show you around
How do?
Where’d you get that accent son, it matches your cowboy boots
Tonight those lone star ladies must be lonesome and oh so blue
Because we’re a thousand miles from the Texas line
If you’ve no objection son tonight you’re mine
How do?
Well I’ve been to Paris baby, I’ve been to Dallas too
But I didn’t see no one there who looked half as good as you
So if you ain’t in a hurry baby, just sit tight
I’m sort of in the mood to speak some French tonight
Et vous?
How do?