Перевод песни Johnny Winter – I Love Everybody

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Well, I’m going to the city
Just to see what I can find
Got to get me somebody
I got the same thing on my mind
Got the same thing on my mind
Oh yeah, I do
I ain’t tired, no I ain’t hungry
But I’m horny as I can be
Been a long time comin' baby
Better come get some of me
Better come get some of me, yeah
No I can’t stay in the East, man
And I sure don’t like the West
I can’t stand the North and South boys
But I sure love all the West
No I’m on the West
Yeah, I dig it man
I got women in California
Man, in New York and between
It’s a fulltime operation
Trying to keep my business clean
Trying to keep my business clean now
I’m about to get straight folks
I’m workin' on it now