Перевод песни David Bromberg – Black And Tan

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There's one thing 'bout my woman, I can't understand
Ey, hey, Lord, I can't understand
Every night she go to bed, she want to do that old black and tan
I got me a brownskin woman, man, she's long and slim
Ey, hey, Lord, long and slim
Says, when I start to loving her, great God, it's too bad again
I don't want a midnight woman, knocking on my door
Ey, hey, knocking on my door
'Fore I got me a pigmeat woman, I can not use sow belly no more
I ain't never loved but three womens in this land
Ey, love, three womens in this land
Said that's my mother and my sister, woman that's goin' be that black and tan
There's one thing I sure do hate
Ey, hey, Lord, I sure do hate
Ever since my woman learned the Black And Tan, I can not keep her straight
Said, I believe I heard my woman call my name
Oh, yeah, hear her when she caU my name
She doesn't call so loud, but she call so nice and plain