Перевод песни Spiritual Beggars – The Chaos Of Rebirth

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Side by side, me and the serpent
Riding the wheels of misfortune
Right through the abyss below
This is where I must go
To enter-the Cosmos
The other world above
Up through the flames I wander
Rising higher, higher and higher
Maybe I will fail, burn my wings again
I want to stay, don’t want to die
I have no mother, no father
The spirit not bound to the flesh
Erupting from the depths of hell
Burning through worldly illusions
Rising from the primeval womb
A karmic birth the wheel is spinning
The sun sets in a sea of fire
Ablaze like the dragon’s breath
Maybe I will fail
Burn my wings again
And be no more, no more
Than dust in the wind
Never to live
Never to die
Blind to the sun, moon and stars
Reborn in chaos — we are one