Перевод песни Maria McKee – Why Wasn't I More Grateful (When Life Was Sweet)

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I had angels, a gang of angels by my side
Livin' lucky, golden girl, with an easy ride
Little worry, loads of time, Yeah
Wasn’t it enough
Wasn’t it, wasn’t it enough?
Tell me why wasn’t I more grateful?
Why wasn’t I more grateful?
Why wasn’t I
Why wasn’t I
More grateful?
When life was sweet
When life was sweet
Some people want and want and want what they don’t have
'Til it keeps 'em awake at night in their bed just twitchin'
Some people like to complain about ev’ry little thing
Some folks just never stop bitchin'
I had a good man I took him for granted
And now I surely, surely, surely, surely miss him
Wasn’t it enough?
Wasn’t it
Wasn’t it enough?
Why wasn’t I, Why wasn’t I?
And it keeps me wonderin' what might’ve been
Keeps me wonderin' what might’ve been, Yeah
To the Lord more grateful