Перевод песни Megan Mullally – Deep Love

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You know, until now my life has been nothing but a meaningless world of silly
But I always sensed that something was missing. Love
And I'm not talkin about puppy love either. A one night stand love or Cheap love. No, what I'm talkin about is-oh, what's the word I'm looking for-ah,
(sung) Deep love. At last I've found deep love
Been searching for deep love, for all of my life. Long love. Incredibley long
Love. A constant and strong love, that rids me of strife. Firm love
A gentle, but firm love. An unyeilding firm love, for this my heart cries
Deep love. At last I've found deep love. Now I will keep love forever inside
(giggles) Again? Oh, you're incouragable, aren't you, you ol' zipper neck
Hmmm, well alright. Seven always has been my lucky number
Come here you great big hot monster!
Wh--what? What is it, what is the matter, is it--is it that music? Oh, forget it That's just some poor lonely fool blowin his french horn
(monster groans)
Wh--where are you going? You're walking out on me? Me?!
Oh, you men are all alike
Five or six quick ones and you're off with the boys to boast and brag
Oh, I think I love him
(sung) Deep love. At last I found deep love
Now I will keep love deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and
Deeper and deeper forever inside! Forever inside!