Перевод песни Robert Cray – The Forecast (Calls For Pain)

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Coffee for my breakfast
Shot of whiskey on the side
It's a dark and dreary morning
With the clouds covering up the sky
And the forecast calls for pain
The forecast calls for pain
My baby's turning cold and the
Forecast calls for pain
We stayed up all night talking
She's grown restless she confessed
She said there's no one new
But deep down I know that's next
She says she tried and tried yes she has
But slowly her love has died
I can see
That deep down inside she's changed
The forecast calls for pain
Yeah yeah yeah
I hear approaching thunder
I can feel it chilling up my spine
I've seen love freeze before
And I know that I won't borrow time
I can hear the thunder
I can see the lightning
I feel the pain