Перевод песни Sutton Foster – Listen To Your Heart

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Let’s forget about thinking
Thinking’s never smart
Flush your brain right down the drain
And listen to your heart!
Let’s be a couple of dumbbells
Dumb right from the start
Lose your mind, 'cause love it blind
And listen to your heart!
Lets be stupid together
Not a thought in our head
Bird brains of a feather
Who fly right into bed
Lets be totally foolsih
Two nitwits never apart
You’ll find such bliss in, the kissin' you’re missin'
So listen, listen to your heart!
As ev’rybody knows
If it’s sex they’re thinking of
Intellectuals are ineffectuals
When it comes to making love
Nietzsche always said he wouldn’t
Schopenhauer thought he shouldn’t
And as for immanuel kant
Ev’ry girl in town knew that kant
Listen to your heart!
Listen to your heart!
Let’s be blithering idiots
Singing love’s sweet song
We’ll blither ev’ry morning
And blither all night long!
Let’s find things undiscovered
Don’t resist cupid’s dart
You’ll find such joy
Just being a boy
So listen, listen to your heart!