Перевод песни The Rumble Strips – No Soul

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I ain’t got No Soul
I left you crying and talking on your phone
Saying I ain’t got no soul
And I ain’t got no alcohol
So I went out drinking
Instead of to your home
I ain’t got no soul
All I do is try and try to make you cry
Kick you in the shins and poke you in the eye
It’s out of my control
I ain’t got no soul
All you do is good and everything you should
You’d pay back the devil to save me if you could
I listen to rock and roll
And I ain’t got no soul
I ain’t got no place to go
I don’t need no-one
I’m gonna let her go
I’m gonna let her go Oh I did cry when I was feeling alone
But that I took your heart
And that’s a bloody part
That I don’t own