Перевод песни Grant And Forsyth – Driving My Life Away

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Driving my life away
1: Well the midnight, headlight, found you on a rainy night
Steamtrain up ahead, slow me down, making no time, got to keep on rollin'
2: Cause the windshield whiper, slappin' at the tempo
Keeping perfect rythm with the song on the radio, got to keep on rollin'
Chorus: Ooooh, I’m driving my life away
Looking for a better way, or you
Ooooh, I’m driving my life away
Looking for a sunny day
3: Well the truck stops, cutey, coming on to me
Tries to talk me into a ride… said I wouldn’t be sorry, she was
Just a baby
4: Hey, wait! Just pour me, another cup of coffee
Walk me down, check me up, shoot me out… flying down the
Highway, looking for the morning