Перевод песни Beanie Sigel – Shake It For Me

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Pass another shot of that Patron
Shorty I’m goin, why chu goin with me
After this, tonight I’m goin home
You wanna come, shorty come with me
Now I wanna see you get your hands up
Shorty wanna shake it for me
Ladies if you with me, get your hands up
Shake it, shake it, shake it for me
Lil nasty bitch
Cute face, slim waist, nice ass & tits
It’s a damm shame that lil sweet thang ain’t nothin but a freak thang
«In Love With A Stripper» like T-Pain
Er' weekday, up in the club like Lis' Raye
Makin niggas make it rain like Lil Wayne
Boy, mami tottsie rollin that pole
I ain’t Peedi Peedi baby, I just know what I know
Call me Iceberg baby, Pimpin Ken on a stroll
Got the right one baby, wouldn’t give you a cold
No, but I could give you the coat
Pimps up, hoes down, bank roll all froze
Mack keep em looking pretty, but won’t give em no dough
Uncle Diddy run the city, butch you ain’t know?
Now let that thang bounce, drop slow
And show out your outsides, you know how it go, oh
I’m at my maximum, I’m fully loaded
Baby girl c’mon, roll with it
Don’t be askin them if I’m gon bomb
Like the atom or the a-tom, just order the dom
B Mack and them, you better know it
Nab hoes, after the show, she gon show it
That hoe, I told you she gon do it
The loads is full, she let me smash in the Buick
I’m comin for clothes, these hoes, we gon through it
Pull out my gat, she though I was gon shoot her
Mr. P Crakk Cocaine, I got rulers
My mind in the gutter, and my heart in the sewer
I kick a bitch to the curb, I keep it movin
Married to the game, I love my money and my music
Half Puerto Rican and black, they think I’m Jewish
I don’t give em shit, and they keep comin back to it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Now come and sit yo big ass down
Right here on daddy legs, now hush, take a sip of the brown
Lap dance on it, leave a white stain on my Levis
This the twat team, I’mma show you how we ride
Through a lasso over your hips, rustle your mean theighs
You bow-legged too? I’mma hit it from all sides
Uh huh, we brought the bar, you bought the bar
Beans got the big lighter out, waiting to spark
Word up, dancefloors, noise, asses shaking
And she winding that body like she got Jamaican
Asains, sistas, blacks, bad caucasions
Get em all Goosed up, then I persuade them
To bounce to the c-r-i-b
Shorty to young, sorry, gotta chill in the lobby
It’s the penthouse, big couch, get digged out
You bring your lil male friends, I get kicked out