Перевод песни Beanie Sigel – Go Low

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Right about now…
Anthalon time
Now dun Tell em Rude bwoy
East coast, west coast all the way to da down south
Everybody this kicking em out
Let da man know we large
It’s the Broad Street Bully Back, ready to lock in
My hand on my twins, underneath where my cock ends, (No no no, no no no)
Niggas got cute once they heard I was locked in
But here’s where all the bull shit 'bout the Roc ends, (Ay)
Fresh over the barbed wire it’s the live wire
Disrespectful, ignorant nigga, You suck my dick
Drink my piss, can eat my shit
Strictly raw-dog when I enter you niggas, (No no no, no no.)
No pause, no homo, no vaseline
When I end a nigga slowmo with that broomstick nigga, (Yeah)
The boss’ll dash when that glick start chopping
All y’all fags is drag bitch you’ll lip off poppin'
Whatchu know about the S.P. hardheads
Ruthless then them niggas that ran in Jabar crib, Flood that strip
With 50 shakes, big beards and bald heads
Scared couldn’t rent no space where law fear, (No no, no no)
You Niggas don’t want it with fat boy
You’d rather get your hair permed & pulled, Hit with a strap on
I’m a grown ass man, I don’t play no games
Death could be your destiny child if you say my name
We fire gun shots to the ceiling
Yo disrespected us you’re bleeding now
No witness na leavin'
We puttin' everybody down on the floor, (Hey)
So go low, (Low)
Everybody go low
So go low
Everybody go low
I’m what the game' missin' (Yes)
Young nigga old soul still kickin'
New game old rules no snitchin'(Yes)
New connect fewer digits, Old money new bitches, (HEY)
Paper ain’t shit, I pistol whip
A hundred thou' on the swiss movement
About a dolla imma get to it
And I’m a monster on that thick fluid
I run through problems like Tony but I don’t sniff through it
I just rock it and spin it the water stick to it
Every Day I’m Hustlin', Push It harder than Rick do it, (Yeah yeah yeah yeah)
I keep it Cannon like Nick do
See me in the streets U Don’t Know Me like Flip do ya? (Whoa!)
Disturb the Peace like Cris do it, (Hey!)
I bring the Rucker like Skip to ya, (Hey!)
Hey young worl'
Do you like it when I talk slick to ya
Broad Street Bully Back bitch!
I’m what the game lackin'
Like Joe no Jackson’s
Like Kobe' no Shaqin'
Like James no Magic
You niggas got the game bass akcwards, Same by rights
Nobody sufferin' the repercussions for they actions
I’m 'bout to get back on my geographic
You know South Philly muhfuckas kill at will
On site, broad daylight, (We killin' it, We killin' it)
Peel that steel
30 shots in the extended, Don’t tempt me
Short fuse no wick on it
Broad shoulder with a chip on it
Get off my dick put yo' bitch on it
Man I’m the shit with no stink on it, You smell me? (No no no no no)
Fuck you gon' tell me nigga
See it’s the real dookie
You just a new jacked pookie
I ain’t one o' yo' boys in da hood
I’m a menace in dis
Waste deep repin' State P biotch!
No no no, no no no
Yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Beanie Sigel
And Rock City you know see you in trouble now
Konvict Music & State Property a run dem down (dem down)
Stop it!