Перевод песни Noisettes – Hierarchy / Never Fall In Love Again

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Where did my brave side go?
T’was beaten by thieves
Who snatched with no hands
Said they promised to
Take us to enchanted lands
And I hope you understand
Like falling leaves
From the sky we’d never touch the ground
Why dare to shovel dreams that we have found
Tired of being gagged and bound
The hierarchy, the hierarchy you search for
The taste of bitter fruit
Your tongue was ready
You thought your sense astute
You saw us laugh while we
Were crying inside
Spittin blood just like a mudslide
It’s time to chance
Chance the dance you never
Thought you could do
My arms are open wide
A great bayoux
And I hope that so are you
When this hierarchy, the hierarchy you search for (it happens)
The hierarchy the hierarchy we search for (that's the)
The hierarchy the monarchy’s going to fall, and you want more, for?
Before you get bored
Look what you’ve done now
Is it worth the blood
We might only be here for a while
Where have you been
The child with the golden wings
I heard you sing
The child with those goddamn wings
Slaughter the skeletons from my soul