Перевод песни Chingy – Hate It Or Love It

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Hate it or love it.
[Spoken: I dedicate this to all my enemies
All the motherfuckers who don't like me Don't like what I'm doing
Don't like that I'm getting this money
Don't like that I'm back with the DTP family. Luda, what up?
Y'all can suck a dick, though
This your boy, Ching-a-ling
St. Louis to Atlanta, Atlanta to New York, New York to Cali. Worldwide!
You heard! Let's go.]
I know you cowards heard of me You probably want to murder me Ya hustlers to the third degree
I cut you like it's surgery
We hold court in the street and you committed perjury
Don't be nervous, B, the ambulance can't make this emergency
Urgently and purposely
I'm hurting the competitor who irking me is gon' be Closed curtains, see
Blaze up the purple weed
The herbal trees give me the need to work a beat
Flow so for a hit that I deserve to be Just work with me Holy riders in my circle be Not no rubber football but my turf with me Think of jerking me Out my dollar bills?
Beat that cat four months ago
And you can hear him holler still
Am I a G?
Certainly. So ain't no murking me Phony cats be perping, B While y'all dames be slurping me Lurking, we creep at night
Pop on slight and hurt the beast
Nobody know where you at --
Tell mama to search the streets
Hate it or love it.
[Spoken: I don't give a fuck if you niggas don't like me I don't give a fuck! I don't give a fuck if you bitches don't like me Eat a dick, nigga. I wasn't put on this Earth for you to like me, man
I was put on this Earth to get money. And live my life
Ha ha! Uh huh
Don't ask me how my career doing. My career doing just fine
I'm good, man, I'm good. Just fine without you hypocrites and you critics
With all that gossip and bullshit. Let's go!]
Direspect the clique, neglect the clique, the tec'll spit, we wreck this shit
We rep the strip, y'all dudes broads — shoulda had breasts and shit
Confess to this, I'm the next to hit
Back for the first time, still rep what's on my necklace bitch
Bitch! No, I can't cry about the past
Left Capitol and signed with Def Jam on they ass
Let's get mo' money, real fast, I'm in first, you still last
You the worst, I feel bad for you fags
I feel sad that I had to buy the new Range
Cause the Jag got crashed, my bad
I know that's arrogant
But I don't care, and shit --
Shit, I got rich from saying «Right Thurr» and shit
Hate it or love it.
[Spoken: Crazy, ain't it? That's wild, that's wild
It ain't even like I made the word up, nigga, that's how I talk
That's how we talk in the Lou. That shit made me a millionaire
Getting money! That sound kinda cocky? So what? Fuck it! Get money!
Let's get it! But you know these motherfuckers everyday they always coming up to me asking me Aw shit, there they go asking me questions again.]
Is me and Luda cool? Did you and Luda feud?
Today's news, I ain't in the motherfucking mood
I get with dudes
living your
That's old, this new, this any of us, you getting burned
In which ya' raps I ain't concerned
Got a check for some mill, I signed off, so it's confirmed
Eh, look, homie, wait your turn
I ain't broke, nigga, look here, I'm straight as a perm
Hate it or love it.
[Spoken: As a perm, nigga, I'm good! That's straight as hell
Y'all just need to start making sure y'all good
Stick your nose outta other motherfuckers' business, man
I'm doing a'ight, my family's doing a'ight
My homies doing a'ight
Shout out to my niggas locked up!
Even my broads doing a'ight --
On they own! Cause I ain't giving them a dime!
Not a dime! That sum it up for you niggas?
Hate me or love me, baby, I'm out. Ching-a-ling