Перевод песни Chingy – Fly Like Me

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Now you done been around the world
And you’d seen a lot of girls
But you ain’t never seen a girl look so fly like
Now you done rolled through some hoods
There’s some girls that look good
But you ain’t never seen a girl look so fly like
And you partied, and have hugs
And some girls show you love
But, you ain’t never seen a girl look so fly like me
Baby, but you never had a girl look so fly like me
Now I’d done been around the world, thought I’d seen it all
Err' color, err' shape, what I need and all
Switch like seasons, when the summers, spring and fall
And back seat of my jeep, I’m chrome veet and all
On the hunt for these girls were like my day to day
I get 'em alone, I jump 'em and then fade away
I give it good so some of them won’t stay away
They try to lock me up, but I break away
And to the day i lay my eyes on the princess
And you can tell she was a dime from a distance
It took a minute to come to my senses
She’s the perfect match and God is my witness
Now for the first time I’ve opened my eyes
Put the glass in the air, now I toast to the sky
Feels like I’m in heaven, and I’m hoping to fly
Baby girl, come along for the ride, you know why cause I…
Now I ain’t never had a girl that was so fly
Other guys come around, you acting so shy
You got 'em shaking in their boots, and I know why
Cause they can’t handle the truth and that’s no lie
As for me, I’m the one that you been dreaming on
And when you saw me, I’m the one that you were steaming on
And when you need it, I’m the shoulder that you would be leaning on
Take off that Gucci and keep them Vicky sneakers on
Let’s take a flight 'cause the world is our playground
And buy houses from the Lou, to the A-Town
It’s silk sheets so it’s soft when you lay down
Ching-a-ling, yeah, I get down and stay down
There’s no one better, baby girl, you’s a blessing
You got me heading in a positive direction
You got my vote, when you re-up for election
Cause all I wanna do is give you love and affection
Why you wasting your time (say what?)
And boy, running the streets (say what?)
When you can just come to me? (oh, is that right?)
You know i got what you need (say what?)
I got what you want (say what?)
Boy, won’t you come and see? (all there, babe!)
What if you never seen a girl like me ever, like me before?
Won’t you come inside, let me keep it dry
Cause I’m so fly