Перевод песни Adam Ant – Dirty Harry

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Just stay out of my face
And get out of this place
Stop pulling my string
If you want a nice face
'Cause my name’s Dirty Harry (yeeha!)
Be very quiet
Nothing to say
Talk like a nice boy
And you’ll be O.K.
You dig?
'Cause my name’s Dirty Harry (yeeha!)
Well, I know what you’re thinking, punk
You’re thinking did he fire six shots or only five?
Well, to tell you the truth I’ve forgot myself in all this excitement
But seeing as this is a .44 Magnum — the most powerful hand gun in the world
it can blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself a question: «Do I feel lucky?»
Well, do ya punk? Do ya?
Stranger in town
Plenty of cash
But you’re in the wrong place friend
If you wanna be flash
'Cause my name’s Dirty Harry
It’s spelt: H.A.R.R.Y.
'Cause my name’s Dirty Harry
Do you feel lucky Punk?