Перевод песни OneRepublic – Prodigal

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We say good-bye
I turn my back
Run away, run away
So predictable
Not far from here
You see me crack
Like a bone, like a bone
I'm so breakable
And I take everything from you
But you'll take anything
Won't you
Run away, run away
Like a prodigal
Don't you wait for me
Don't you wait for me
So ashamed, so ashamed
But I need you so
And you wait for me
And you wait for me
I'm on the road
To who knows where
Look ahead, not behind
I keep saying
There's no place to go
Where you're not there
On your rope, I hold tight
But it's freeing
Everybody wants to be right
But only if it's not day light
I keep trying to find my way back
My way back
From you