Перевод песни Nils Lofgren – Be Good Tonight

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Sweet occasion and an old champagne
Snow-blind down an unmarked road
Broken two hearts that feel the pain
Or the hope that died
Rescued, I would almost be
But for the misery
I came to, in a human hell
It hit me hard and my spirits fell
Heart and soul, broke and abused
From a strangers rage
No I’ll never be set free
By this misery, by this misery
Misery, what did I do?
Misery did I deserve a fate like you?
Misery, will it ever pass?
Will I find the guts to last?
Patience gone, feel the end in sight
I’ll be free today or I’ll be dead tonight
Dear Lord, why have you gone and forsaken me?
Will I finally be set free?
From this misery, from this misery
Yeah, this misery, yeah misery
Why did ya do it? Why’d ya do it now?
In all this misery