Перевод песни Birdman – Interlude - "The Old Man" #1

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Coming through shinnin' on them pussy’s
Keep that lama on me nigga
Get money on them pussy’s (so fresh)
Shinin' all the time, my ice be bubblin'
Gucci to the maid and them hoes (so fresh)
Got the candy on the seat
The belt and the package nigga under the heat (so fresh)
So the time be the time
So a must a nigga shine so we stay up on the grind
Yea its big money talk, see I got it from the big nigga
From the lil nigga to the field nigga
nigga want the whole blow
So we put the game down nigga and got it under control
Disrespect the G code, fuck that, we know
How them pussy niggas just act up and go home
Yeah, see, I seen it first hand
But I still look like a man nigga did it with the gun in my hand
Fresh, whether, get it any weather
Rain or snow, we shinin' for the cheddar
Money in the lama, how we ride when we grindin' on 'em
Birds keep flying while these niggas keep hatin' on 'em
Yeah, that’s why they come up so short
Like caught the new sport, tell me this ain’t pussy
Find me in another town doin' like it’s my town
5 star G homie anywhere I leave my crown
Burnin' with a few bitches
May know about the riches
Boss hog new nigga that’s a whale to these new fishes
So we chill at the hotel
5 star Baby flame and she know me well
And that’s just my thing
Goin' straight to the bank
And how we work that thing
You know the game bring money over bitches and bitches over money
Them hoes chasin' so a nigga keep runnin'
Back to my saddle homie
Mils and pounds on him
Uptown crown, see the number above the digits?
See we live above the heights
Do it under the lights
We do it so bright (so bright)
Like picked tomato, ripe picked tomato
Make your head a tomato BITCH
Landed on my island again, jet black helicopter
Know I got that other chopper, that’s how I’m flyin' homie
Hittin' them switches on 'em
Complete a mission on 'em
One of a kind, sky high, that’s how we gettin' it on 'em
Got the money though, trade the bird bag
Gucci and bag, Louie and Fendi bag
You know we trippin' when we tear the whole mall down
It’s big money homie, this is how we shut it down
Yeah, nigga we sip to dip
Dip on this money while we chase and flip
Higher than high life, that’s just another sight
Put it in your life, that’s just another flight
Yeah, got a car on full
Mashed the whole gas, nigga get it till your good
See, I play it for the hood
Got it out the hood and a nigga ain’t full