Перевод песни Birdman – Wet Paint

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Yeah nigga, know what I’m talking 'bout nigga?
We gotta fly mothafuckin' whip, you hear me?
We pull up, you heard me?
Feelin' like them hoes gon' fuck your car huh?
Believe that, let’s go
Pussy like paint, pussy wet candy
Bitches wanna fuck my pussy wet candy
Pussy like paint, pussy like candy
Bitches wanna fuck my pussy wet candy
My ice so hot, car so clean (clean)
Leather so soft, bitch you know what I mean
My money so long, game so strong
Hit the bitch, break the bitch, send the bitch home
See, I pull up in the Range nigga gettin' this change
Bitches been watchin' me doin my thing
Headin' to the jet, pull up in a vet
Bitches in foreign country been waitin' on that 'X'
Pull up on another set, phone call 'bout sex
Baby girl hittin' me up tellin' me the pussy wet
Seein' me on a eleven hundred, uptown we stuntin'
Uptown rep hunter, uptown get money
Bitch in a Harley, blowin' on the Marley
Baby givin' me brains like I just bought it
We ain’t even trippin', money we flippin'
Bitches keep comin' and we keep dippin'
See I’m pullin' in the Phantom, tryin' to just handle it
Bitches give me brains on the side while we handle it
I get the money and then we go to
Goin out of state nigga, doin' it in other place nigga
Kick it in the G4, know I had to let go
Right in her face nigga, do it so we got mo'
Landed it on the island, that’s what it is
Niggas poppin' off but I get it how I live
Got the club tonight, so it’s pussy wet candy
Left the bitch home so it’s back out handlin'
Hoes all over, hoes all Rover
Bitch know we doin' it so the money’s all over
She’s a nasty bitch nigga, a gangsta hoe
Love suckin' dick homie, that’s for sho'
Models with the power, make it rain, make it shower
Model six foot with the money and the power
Fresh to death nigga, car so clean
Bitches wanna fuck my 400 machine
6 on the whip, 5 on the G4
5 on the Lambo, 5 for my new hoe
I ain’t even trippin', spent a mil on the Bugatti
Two on the Spider, nigga I got it, shit
Popped some bottles with the bitches
I ain’t trippin' on these bitches
I be flippin' on them bitches