Перевод песни Mary Mary – The Real Thing

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What is a gift
Is it something you give when no else is around
What is a gift
Is it something you take from someone you feel you found
I need a love
That goes beyound just the seasons
Its always there to share
I need a love
That sheds your light on the reason why in this time time we all care
Its called the real thing
And you are that thing to me
Its more than a holiday
You are the real thing
What is a gift
Is it something you dream of when what you earn goes away
What is a gift
Is it someting you hope for when you couldn’t possibly pay
Do you need a gift that gives right when you need it
Always there by your side
Do you need a gift that opens right when you ask it
If you seek it you will find
That he is the real thing
Joy to the world
Every boy and girl
Have a wonderful day
And when the day is done
And out goes all the fun
What can we do to make the love we feel stay
What is a gift
Is it something you give to those who mean the more
And how can you give when al lthat you have has been taken by those you given
to before
You need the real thing
You need the real thing
Not just a holiday, not just a holiday
A gift that is always
Yes he is the real thing
He is the real thing, He is the real thing
He is the real, the real thing