Перевод песни Richard Fleeshman – These Days

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I was blind
I shoulda known it was coming
I’d always escaped it before
I fell in the swell of affection
But I don’t wanna sink anymore
Your burning me down like a fire
The rope getting tighter each
Breathe that I take
Watching the days getting longer
Wasting away…
Now I’m fighting, oh a feeling
That is twisting on the inside
I tried running, tried resisting
But it’s got a hold on me this time
If I don’t stand a chance
Then let me down easy
I don’t wanna fall from this high
These days are the days I was
Always afraid would arrive
Oh cause I, I’ve had my share
Of temptation
But always left love to one side
That never was part of the picture
That’s why it’s hurting to hide
Oh not sure if it’s pleasure or pain
This changing emotion I’m in
Ye into the unknown I’m heading
Sent away