Перевод песни Permanent Me – Twenty Years

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I had a friend 20 years passed
Before i got the news
Shouldn’t care quite alright
Honestly its up to you
Make a scene sing it loud
Tell everyone in this state
Run around waving flags
Throwing punches in their face
I watch you get clean again
Everyone has their own way of speaking out
My friends will stay here anyway
And even if you have to leave sing
I will fight until I lay… SING!
We walk around in the dark shutting
Our eyes to this mess
Beating up spilling out getting it right off our chests
He cries at night in his bed
Knows he’ll never be the same
Feeling oh so incomplete dont worry
Man i’ll never change
It comes and goes all the time
Fucks me up and leaves me dead
Shaking cold left outside
Resolutions in my head
I have to let this go and you yeah are you normal?
I have to let this…
I had a friend twenty years passed before I got the news…