Перевод песни Surf Punks – Punch Out At Malibu

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Now that surfing’s caught on
There’s less waves to go around
I’m a fool to stay in town
A fool to stay in town
Now it’s the goons in the water
That are bringing on a slaughter
Gonna be a punch out at Malibu
A punch out at Malibu
Guys coming down on me
Left and right
I need more room
Gonna be a fight
I am the cancer
I am the cancer
Hey, buzz off
I don’t care
The more guys the better
'Cause I’m into bustin' heads now
I’ll see you sooner or later
Sooner or later
Punch out at Malibu
There’s gonna be a punch out at Malibu
This place gets too crowded
Hey you over there
I haven’t seen you before
What’s it to you
Man, you look like you’re from
Tarzana or someplace
Beat it, get out of here