Перевод песни Loudon Wainwright, III – Red Guitar

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Used to have a red guitar until I smashed it one drunk night
Smashed it in the classic form, as Peter Townshend might
I threw it in the fireplace, I left it there a while
Kate, she started crying when she saw my sorry smile
Red guitar was made of wood, could not take the heat
Red guitar, it caught on fire and the damage was complete
It burned until all that was left was six pegs and six strings
Kate, she said, «You are a fool, you’ve done a foolish thing»
I put the remains in the case and I put the case away
Went to New York City for a new guitar the next day
I bought myself a blond guitar, I had it for three days
Some junkie stole my blond guitar, God works in wondrous ways