Перевод песни Eagles – No More Cloudy Days

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Sitting by a foggy window
Staring at the pouring rain
Falling down like lonely teardrops
Memories of love in vain
These cloudy days, make you want to cry
It breaks your heart when someone leaves and you don’t know why
I can see that you’ve been hurting, baby I’ve been lonely too
I’ve been out here lost and searching, looking for a girl like you
Now I believe the sun is going to shine
Don’t you be afraid to love again, put your hand in mine
Baby, I would never make you cry
I would never make you blue
I would never let you down
I would never be untrue
I know a place where we can go where true love always stays
There’s no more stormy nights, no more cloudy days
I believe in second chances
I believe in angels, too
I believe in new romances
Baby, I believe in you
These cloudy days are coming to an end
And you don’t have to be afraid to fall in love again