Перевод песни Eagles – Frail Grasp On The Big Picture

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Well, isn’t it a shame
'bout our short little memories
Never seem to learn
The message of history
We keep making the same mistakes
Over and over and over and over again
And then we wonder why
We’re in the shape we’re in
Good old boys down at the bar
Peanuts and politics
They think they know it all
They don’t know much of nothing
Even if one of them was to read the newspaper
That isn’t what’s going on
Journalism’s dead and gone
Frail grasp on the big picture
Light fading and the fog is getting thicker
It’s a frail grasp on the big picture
Dark ages
You my love-drunk friend
All that red wine and candlelight
Soulful conversations
That go on until the dawn
How many times can you tell your story?
How many hangovers can you endure
Just to get some snuggling done?
You’re living in a hollow dream
You don’t have the slightest notion
What long-term love is all about
All your romantic liaisons
Don’t deal with eternal questions like
Who left the cap off the freaking toothpaste?
Whose turn to take the garbage out?
And we pray to our Lord
Who we know is American
He reigns from on high
He speaks to us through many men
And he shepherds his flock
We sing out and we praise His name
He supports us in war
He presides over football games
And the right will prevail
All our troubles shall be resolved
We have faith above all
Unless there’s money or sex involved
Frail grasp on the big picture