Перевод песни Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers – Overture

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
join us as we go back,
in remembrance of the songs the Lord has given to us
oh oh oh oh, oh Lord, oh Lord, Oh Lord, Kumbaya
Oh Lord God
The Lord our God is strong and Mighty
The Lord our God is mighty in battle
Sound the alarm on the Holy mountain
He is powerful, mighty in His power
who is the king of glory?
How great thou art/2x
When I consider the vastness of God
And all the marvellous attractions that his hands have made
Flowers and birds and oceans and mountains
Truly, truly, truly God is an awesome wonder
you are an awesome wonder
no other power compare to you
everybody blow the trumpet and sound the alarm
the Lord, the Lord, the Lord is here
the presence of the Lord is/2x
the presence of the Lord is here
let my God arise/2x
let my God…
for every mountain, you brought me over
for every trial, you’ve seen me through
for every mess, hallelujah
for this i give you praise
so, i’m here today, because God kept me
i’m alive today only because of His grace
oh He kept me, so i wouldn’t let go
I’m still trusting
I’m still holding on to what I believe
Still motivated
Fully persuaded
I’m still standing on the word
i never lost my hope
i never lost my joy
i never lost my peace
most of all, i never lost my
oh… my soul loves Jesus
oh… my soul loves Jesus
oh God once again we lift our hands in the sanctuary
we lift our hands in the sanctuary
and we will praise you for the rest of our
we stand here in reverence
blessed in your presence, Jehovah
forever and ever
forever and ever
i declare and i decree
i prophesy with authority
this is just the beginning
yes, yes
this is just the beginning.