Перевод песни David Jordan – Fight The World

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I’m not bad but I’m no saint
Misfortune is my middle name
I’ve been blessed but I’ve been cursed
Obsessive compulsive, I always think the worst
So I start the process of eliminating
Consequences I’ll face if I’m in the wrong place
And I make a bad move
And as I try to fight them off all of my demons stop me
From breathing air
I don’t want to fight the world
I don’t think I have the strength
It’s hard for me to fight this world
Don’t want to miss the ride
I’m drowning with the tide
From the corners of the earth
Like a fragile little pearl not cut to fight the world
I’ve been loved and I’ve been hurt
Felt like gold and like dirt
But just when I think I’ll be fine, I find myself once
Again walking across the line