Перевод песни Mötley Crüe – Afraid

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Diamonds on me like it's Africa
Nigga glistening like it's Africa
I was trying get in Africa
Trappin' outside of Africa
Nigga glistening like it's Africa
Had to get it like it's Africa
Nigga trappin' like it's Africa
Chilling like it's fucking Africa
Africa (x4)
Nigga glistening like it's Africa
Had to get it like it's Africa
Africa (x4)
Diamonds glistening like it's Africa
Nigga got it like it's Africa
I just wanna see a milli
Nigga trying make a benji
Trying work to a three jobs nigga like a motherfucking hippy
I was in the fucking projects
Chilling with the fucking pirates
Y'all niggas, y'all some snakes nigga
Hissing in the grass, they get cut nigga
Young nigga making figures like a motherfucking father damn figure
Swear I ain't a father figure, I'm just a nigga trying make a million
Playing monopoly, collecting 200, nigga that's obviously
I'm just build up like a prodigy
Smoking that gas, that broccoli
I'm just thankful to be great
Let a nigga be great
Trappin', I'm booming, I'm stuntin', I'm running, I'm trying run up an estate
I had to go in the trap
I'm swerving, I'm serving the map
Whipping the side of the bowl, with the spoon, that's a whole scrap
I'm just cooling with the crew, we counting up this money
Yo bitch sticky like honey
She texting me, she so horny
Plug be calling the phone
I don't trap, I just sauce
I just off, I don't call
I don't reply, not at all
All my people from Africa
Ruby diamonds, straight from Africa
I love me some Africa
All my bitches come from Africa
Africa, Africa
Dark skin, straight from Africa
Deep roots, I'm from Africa
Got a plug in South Africa
All my plugs come from Africa
Whip the work with the spatula
Look at all these damn necklaces I got on, straight from Africa
I love me some damn Africa
I live it man just like fuck it Get the money, it ain't nothing
Whole team, yeah we stuntin'
Look at us going to Africa
Flipping the work with the spatula
But we gotta just go get it You see the team, yeah we stay flexing
Africa, Africa
Hell of dreams up in Africa
Africa, Africa
In my heart, I got Africa