Перевод песни Kool Moe Dee – Rock You

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Boy, you’re going crazy, really getting lazy
Rhymes as weak as water, even shorter than the days be
So you on the pop charts, got off to a fast start
Now it’s slowing down, homie, show me where is your heart
I want you to battle me but all you do is saddle me
Ride on my bone, and you won’t ‘cause you know that’ll be
Your crucifixion, my resurrection
Here’s my prediction: you need protection
(«Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you»)
On and on ‘til your rhymes are gone
We could battle head up without singing a song
We’ll just go rhyme for rhyme, you’ll run out in due time
And I’ll keep going while I’m blowing you, I’m showing you I’m
Your superior ‘cause you’re inferior
Jump out of line one more time and I’ll bury ya
Say something, I dare ya—matter fact, where are your homeboys?
Bring ‘em on, the more the merrier
I know how to put an end to all of this
Is battle, winner take the money and the loser’s gotta quit
(«Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you»)
Like you’ve never been rocked before, I’ll make ya sore
Freeze up like an ice cube and never thaw
Until I turn the heat on and once the heat is felt
Like ice, you’ll burn twice, you’ll do more than melt
Because I’ll evaporate you, and consolidate you
With the air, you’ll disappear, I’ll annihilate you
You might still be living but you feel deceased
You oughta name your next record «Rest in Peace»
(«Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you») («Oh yeah»)
(«Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you»)
(«Oh yeah»)
I got a rhythm to ride, I can feel it inside
Of my bones, I got a jones, I’m the microphone pride of New York
When I talk, other emcees walk
Street critics rave and the ladies hawk
Complements are given ‘cause my rhymes are driven
By a ego that prevents me to bite ‘cause I’m not living like that
I am authentic, like the Titanic
But I’m unsinkable, believe it and then accept that
It’s reality, you have no choice
No screaming or yelling, I got a real voice
I’m badder than bad, no reason to get mad
When I pick up the mic, the young boys are had
And I can say what I want ‘cause nothing can be done
‘Cause I don’t fear none ‘cause not near one of you
Pussycat candy rap, need to get a jap slap
For saying that bullcrap and trying to call it real rap
Sorry chap, you’re just a new jack
Line up at rhyme prison, get in the back
Because I am the leader, the rhyme breather
And, and, you know you need a real leader
To, to, to help you see the way to be the
Man that you really think you are, a superstar
You fall short of that status, and by far
Because supers call me super, and that means superb
Not a nerd using verbs, and I ain’t the herb
That’s gonna sit back and relax and backtrack while you wack
Boys get paid and parade around stage ‘cause you made
A few hits, now you get do shit like your hits
Forget it! I ain’t wit' it
You know I’m the best so admit it
And any rappers out there that don’t like what I said
Step forward and I’ll put that head to bed
(«Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you») («Oh yeah»)
(«Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you») («Rock you») («Oh yeah»)
(«Rock you») («Rock you»)