Перевод песни Shawn Colvin – Window To The World

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Neon flickers with a pale glow
And all the shadows that come and go
Sometimes I can hear them laugh and cry
In my lonely room with a view
I can’t sleep and so I think of you
And watch the world as it passes by
I can’t close my eyes
I can’t close my eyes
This is my window to the world
All of the loney boys and girls
Are a reflection in my eyes
Of me and you
This is my window to it all
I see the heroes rise and fall
This is my window to the world
And I can see
As the night turns into day
Old ladies shuffle by and wave
And the kids sell drugs to cars that slowly cruise
Young lovers walk across my street
Oblivious to the refugees
And the lonely lost baby, that’s me and you
I can’t close my eyes
I can’t close my eyes