Перевод песни Donell Jones – Yearnin'

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Baby, I’m yearnin' for your love
Baby, I’m yearnin'
And my heart is thinking lust
So just keep it coming
I don’t wanna play around
Come and get some of my love
You’ll feel the bomb when I explode
So give me your love and let me lose control
Ain’t no humpin' 'round like Bobby Brown
See, I come smooth with a mellow groove to soothe
And I can’t be wasting your time
Cause straight up, I gotta go for mine
Now that I got you in the mood
Don’t you turn away
Cause I got lots of love in store
Just what you need and so much more
My mission is to please you
So let’s do what we’re here to do
Need some sexual healing like Marvin Gaye
All night loving till the break of day
Keep the lovin' coming till the break of day
I’m yearnin' for your love
Yearnin', yearnin' for your love
(Till fade)