Перевод песни Ryan Bingham – Every Wonder Why

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If you ever see me walking down the side of the road
Would you ever stop and wonder why
Would you think it’s lost that I paid the cost
Stop and give a poor boy a ride
And forget my past
'Cause if I ever get home, I’m never gonna worry 'bout the things that I
could’ve done
'Cause I’ve done a lot of things I could’ve done better
But now it don’t matter none
I’ve raised my glass
'Cause I fell in love and then lost touch
I dropped it and broke her heart
I drove off a cliff
And I barely missed
Walkin' with her in the park
Just a selfish boy
But I have not forgot that the food in the pot ain’t cookin' for a boy like me
I been fightin' all night with the dogs in the alley, looking for a bone to eat
Starving to death
Everybody’s troubled with your hustle and your bustle
The payment on the house is late
If I ever have a problem like that
I guess I’ll be in pretty good shape
You can kiss my ass goodbye
When I feel the wind blow
See a ghost in the road
And headlights are a beautiful sight
And out in the desert
I can sit under them heavens
And watch the sun keep settin' for miles
And here comes another song
Then I take a pen and a little piece of paper
I scribble on down the lines
And what you’re hearing now
Is something I found
Hidin' way down inside
The cellar of my heart
And I hope everybody had a real good time
I hope I didn’t bring you down
These ain’t sad songs
So don’t take 'em wrong
I haven’t been home in a while
Well, I’ll see you all around