Перевод песни Kris Kristofferson – Shake Hands With the Devil

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I know some people say that I’m the devil in disguise
I won’t try to tell you that I ain’t
I don’t like believing that I’m evil in your eyes
But I ain’t make believing I’m a saint
'cause I’ll do anything I can to win you from the world
It’s something that my senses can’t control
And if that’s sin then shake hands with the devil, little girl
I want your body and your soul
Shake hands with the devil, don’t be frightened, I won’t hurt you
I don’t want your silver or your gold
I’m not after anything that you don’t want to give me
I just want your body and your soul
Other men can offer something peaceful and secure
I can’t offer anything but me
I can take you higher than you’ve ever been before
And show you things you never dared to see
And hand in hand together we can laugh the world away
I’ll keep you from the hunger and the cold
So let your love come easy, you don’t need to be afraid
I just want your body and your soul
Shake hands with the devil …