Перевод песни Milburn – Lucy Lovemenot

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Writes down a note and leaves it waiting on the side,
Put's her lipstick on and turns off all the lights,
Then it's out the door,
Onto the floor,
Of every bar in town,
Got to let the fellas know that she still get's around,
Oh she's, Lucy Lovemenot,
Oh she's, Lucy Lovemenot,
Wakes up to find herself in different company,
Last thing that she recalls is dropping to her knees,
Then it's out the door with no remorse,
Her feelings are regret,
It's just another memory which helps her to forget,
That she's, Lucy Lovemenot,
Lucy Lovemenot,
She used to be the girl that all the men pine for,
She used to be the girl that everyone adored,
But now she's broken and she's haggard,
But she still likes to pretend,
Everyone wants' to pull her now, she's that same girl again,
Oh, Lucy Lovemenot,
Oh, Lucy Lovemenot,
It's Lucy Lovemenot