Перевод песни Good Charlotte – Los Angeles World Wide

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Is gonna be alright
From Baltimore to Los Angeles
From '99 to the year we’re in We started out in a friend’s garage
At the bottom up reaching for the top now
The video
The radio
The TV shows
The magazines
The movie screens
That’s our reality
Everything’s gonna be alright now
Get down stay up all night now
Everything’s gonna be alright now
Everybody say it one more time
Is gonna be alright
Listen up, cause it ain’t about the money
I live on the west coast in the city that’s sunny
I got a big house where my family lives
I’m out of town playing shows every other weekend
I DJ parties where they got no guns
I get paid to make 'em dance, I get paid for having fun
With thugs and punks and any other type
We play this song and we sing it all night
Everything’s alright
From the top to the bottom, from the bottom to the top
From the start to the finish
No, we just can’t stop
Everything’s alright
From the city to the hills
And the streets to the beaches
It feels good to pay the bills
And buy a new pair of sneakers
Said, it didn’t take me long to kick the welfare
It didn’t take me long to get my share
Take away platinum records, now look what I got
I got my girl, I got my daughter, that’s a hell of a lot
And no one’s ever trying to shut this down
I’d have a party for the haters but they’re never around
I had dreams of putting food on other people’s plate
Now we go to the arounds and they never make us wait
My police record said it doesn’t exist
I’ll show you all the meaning of a Christmas list
I’ll show you all the meaning of a Christmas list
I’ll show you I’ll show you I’ll show you
We are so far from where we started out
These lives we lead without a care
Self made millionaires we promised you
These lives we lead without a care