Перевод песни Thompson Twins – Revolution

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Father John earned his keep
Preachin' to the women on the easy street for free
Roll over again
(give me drum)
Thirty years plyed his trade
Lookin' for heaven on a silver plate
Roll over again
If only he knew it didn’t have to be that way
Ohh, the promised land
Was just another slice of the cake
Round and round
It’s always round and round we go
(round and round we go)
Yeah, where it leads us
Nobody knows
(nobody) No, no
Dance and dance
Why must we dance our lives away
(dance our lives away)
How much it bleeds us
No-one can say
(say say say say)
Jezebel made her way
Sliding around on dirty sheets all day
So roll over again
She lived for years
With the fear
That real true love might never come her way
Roll over again
If only she knew it didn’t have to be that way
Yeah, and true romance
Was just another slice of the cake
You and me
Chasing dreams
We can’t see the forest for the trees
We roll over again
Me and you
Dance so well
Just like John and Jezebel
We roll over again
(whoa-oh-oh-oh, let’s dance!)
No one can say