Перевод песни Dawn – Vaya Con Dios

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Now the hacienda’s dark, the town is sleeping
Now the time has come to part, the time for weeping
(Vaya con dios, my darlin', vaya con dios, my love)
Now the village mission bells are softly ringing (softly ringing)
Whoa, if you listen with your heart girl, you’ll hear them singing
(Vaya con dios, my darlin', my darlin', my darlin, vaya con dios, my love)
Each night I’ll say a prayer, a simple prayer to guide you, (to guide you)
To hasten ev’ry lonely hour of ev’ry lonely day
Now the dawn is breaking through a gray tomorrow
Oh, but the memories we share are there to borrow
Oh, (Vaya con dios, my darlin' vaya con dios, my love)
Oh-Oh, (Vaya con dios, my darlin', my darlin', my darlin', may God be with you,
my love)
May God go with you my love, vaya con dios
May God go with you my love, vaya con dios
I’ll say a prayer, I’ll a prayer to guide you my love