Перевод песни Alabama – Some Other Place, Some Other Time

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I remember walking through flowers in a garden of a mem’ry I’m thinkin' of.
I remember being in heaven, some other place, someother time, some other love.
I remember walking on silver sand with a mid summer moon shining above.
And I remember the taste of her sweet lips, some other place, some other
Time, some other love.
I remember holding her close to me.
And I can picture the nights we shared alone.
When I’m dreaming, it all seems so real to me.
Then I wake up and find it’s all done.
Tomorrow I may be holding another girl, but tonight she’s not the one I’m
thinkin' of.
Could it be my life would just be a mem’ry of some other place, some other
Time, some other love; of some other place, some other time, some other love;