Перевод песни Dolly Parton – Let Her Fly

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There’s a wreath on the door
She don’t live here no more
As of today, she flew home
And we all gathered here
In sorrow and tears
It won’t be the same with her gone
There’s a place on the hill
That’s peaceful and still
Where she’ll sleep beside daddy again
The ole’family tree is shedding its leaves
But we’ll all met in heaven again
Oh, she’s an angel
Let her fly, let her fly
She’s gone home to glory
To her home in the sky
When god sees her comin'
Heaven’s choir will smile
And sing, «oh she’s an angel, let her fly, let her fly
Ooh, she’s an angel, let her fly»
She used to rock me when i was a child
Sing «rock of ages"and «in the sweet bye and bye»
Her life wasn’t easy, oh but how hard she tried
You know she’s an angel, lord, so let her fly
Repeat chorus
Let her fly
Ooh she’s an angel, let her fly