Перевод песни Terence Trent D'Arby – Perfumed Pavillion (The Motion Of My Memories)

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I kissed her lips in a perfumed pavillion
And all the subtleties that we could find
Blowing grace notes through my mind
Oh, but her hand brought such sweet pain
The kiss, yet all powerful, saved face twice
And turned your bad seed to grain
Ripping the roots of my heart again
I held her hand in an unchanging moment
She was feeding me love like she was holding a spoon
But her head was turned by a raging moon
And she would be gone by the next afternoon
Hollywood memories are made from times such as these
But I wouldn’t feel sorry for me if I were you
I will make some use of my pain
I’ll turn my hurt into a harvest rain
She was aloof like the moon
But warm like the sun, I swore she’d love me
'Til after the day was done, but I was wrong
She was cool like ice but she felt like fire
Never thought I’d see her love expire
But now she’s long gone
(Gone away to another man’s hideaway)
I kissed her lips in a perfumed pavillion
But I am not giving up on love
I stand in a long tide openly
Stealing back moments I let slip away from me
You know, peace of mind beats to aces easily
As the cross currents of the ocean
Reminds me of her motion
The motion of my memories
(The motion of my memories)
Listen to me people
I kissed her lips in a perfumed pavillion
But I am not giving up on love
But I am not giving up on love
Love, sweet love, sweet love