Перевод песни Cyndi Lauper – Hymn To Love

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If the sky should fall into the sea
And the stars fade all around me All the times that w have known here
I will sing a hymn to love
We have lived and dreamed we two alone
In a world thdt’s been our very own
With it’s memories ever grateful
Just for you I sing a hymn to love
I remember each embrace
The smile that enlights your face
And my heart begins to sing
Your eyes have never lied
And my heart begins to sing
And my heart begins to sing
Lf one day you should ever disappear
Always remember these words
Lf one day we had to say goodbye
And our love should fade away and die
In my heart you will remain here
And I’II sing a hymn to love
O for love, we live eternally
In the blue we’ll roll this harmony
With every day we are in heaven
As for you, I’ll sing a hymn to love
Don’t you ever worry, dear
And the stars shall fade from the sky
All the times that we have known here
I will sing a hymn to our love
Oh darling,
Just for you I sing
A hymn to love