Перевод песни Tank – Please Don't Go

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Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Oh she found all of the numbers I had in my car
Oh she called all the ones I had marked wit a star
Oh I’m racing over to plead my case
Oh she saw it was me and slammed the door in my face
Fella’s tell me why how come we always doing wrong
Doing' wrong
How come we can’t keep it home
Keep it home
How come it always ends like this… even though we know that
It ain’t worth telling lie
It ain’t worth seeing you cry
It ain’t worth… that's why I’m right here begging you to please don’t go cause
It ain’t worth killing a home
It ain’t worth being alone
It ain’t worth that’s why I’m right here begging you to please don’t go baby
Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Please don’t go
Oh I jeopardized everything I loved
Oh what the hell could I’ve been thinking of
Oh I should have loved you right when I had the chance
Yeah, Yeah
Now you out there lookin for a better man. fellas why
Oh I’d didn’t think it’d get this bad
Never thought of losing you
Now my heart is beating fast
I’m gonna figure out in my mind what to do find the words to say
Remember when you said that you’d never leave me
I’m steady knockin on the door but you don’t hear me
I can’t let this happen right now
Please don’t take your love girl I know I messed up
It’s a dog on shame