Перевод песни Laura Nyro – Mr. Blue

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«I'd like to see you» / he said «sweetheart look
You know what happens when we get together
I mean I’ve heard of liberation, but sweetheart -- you’re in outer space»
Oh, Mister Blue
I’ve been studying the radar in the sky
I can almost run, fly
Listen like the animals do, I’m ready to meet the crew
Yes, I’m ready for you
Earth calling you
I’ve been a gypsy fire, warm desire
You’ve seen this too
Roger and out Mr. Blue
This is the song of communications
Sending out peace vibrations, genuine cause to end our wars
Or is this the song of complications?
A hopeless declaration? Can we mend, transcend
The broken dishes of our love? Our conflicts? Can we be friends?
«hello?» / he said «hello?»
«this is your co — pilot» / he said «yeah — look sweetheart
I’ve loved you — but you can be so arrogant
And you don’t know anything about being cool…»
Oh Mister Blue, I’ve been studying the radar in the sky
Measuring earth and time
The rainbows on your pillow are new
I’m a fucking mad scientist too
Baby, baby let the one who loves you come thru …
Baby come thru… baby come thru…
Earth calling. you…
Baby come thru… baby come thru…
Earth calling…
This is the song of communications
(baby come thru…) written on a peace vibration
(baby come thru…) Earth calling…
(Is this the song of complications?)
Earth calling, calling calling calling you
Oh Mr Blue, oh Mr Blue