Перевод песни Gasolin' – Mamma Cucu

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Mamma won’t you mamma
Won’t you cu cu cu yeah
Turn me over and tuckin' me in
Mamma won’t you mamma
Won’t you cu cu cu yeah
I’m afraid for the night begin
There’s bats in the bare tree
And witches after me
And mamma I can’t get free
Mamma won’t you mamma
Won’t you cu cu cu yeah
I’m gonna cry if you do not stay
And mamma won’t you mamma
Won’t you turn on the light
Before you go away
And sing me one more ditty just
A little bitty one
One about Billy and the fly
Oh birdy mamma
Oh ma la la little mamma
Won’t you please please
Birdy mamma
Oh ma ma la birdy
Birdy mamma
Yeah, oh birdy Mamma’s gonna
Mamma’s gonna cu cu you right
Gonna sing you a little
Lullaby too
And Mamma’s gonna Mamma’s
Gonna tuckin' you in
And light a little candle for you
And don’t you worry don’t you worry
Witches and naves
They are not real at all
But mamma mamma mamma
Mamma what about the man
The man on the television
Right understand
Oh tell me mamma what about him
Mamma he looks so pale
Why did he scream
When the big big man in the green
Took him away
Mamma what about that
Mamma how for Gods sake
Was it that bad
Was it just another movie like you said
Or was it real
Oh tell me mamma
Oh tell me mamma
Oh tell me mamma