Перевод песни Noel Gourdin – Summertime

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Winter cold, glass and stocking, temperatures dropping
To and fro through sleet and snow
Can’t wait to get home
Cause when we set it off the clothes come off
And the cold don’t mean nothing
Its hot like a oven when we get to loving
You keep that soft and warm
And its hot to death
But your body makes me want to do it till I’m out of breath
And we’re soaking wet
We out the storm up in this room lets get it on
Just cause its cold outside
And the sun ain’t shining
That don’t mean me and you can’t get to sweating
Just like its summertime
It might be cold out there
Its hot as the fourth of July up in here
Cause we change the weather when we get together
Oh baby lets make it summertime
Makin' love over an hour
We lay still feeling the chill
Wrapped up in a comfy quilt
Makin' body heat when bodies meet
From front back, think I better check the thermostat
Bought to pass out girl but I ain’t mad
Cause its the greatest sex I ever had
Shivering and shaking not from the cold
But from the love we’re love making
It could be December if we keep kissing
We going to need some air condition
Gotta fifth of Bacardi sucking that Marley
Windows are foggy
And we can make summer wherever we go