Перевод песни Against All Authority – Wet Foot Policy

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
All the people on the street are on fire they're
Fucking sick and tired of you we've heard it all
Before give us your tired, your weak and your
Poor huddled masses you said you'd embrace
The lies on lady liberty must be erased they
Braved the open sea to give freedom a taste
Our land of opportunity, their face full of mace
So macarthur causeway will be ours i know the
Wounds will close but we'll still see the scars and
The faces of the innocent locked behind bars while
Human rights are violated by the coast guard again
And i didn't know that pigs could swim!!! 90 miles to a Better way of life if i touched my foot to soil i'm free 8
Days and now the beach is in sight now you stand
Between freedom and me just leave me to my own
Device i know the wet foot policy your actions made
This fire ignite! i'd rather drown in the fuckin' sea so Macarthur causeway will be ours i know the wounds
Will close but we'll still see the scars and the faces of the
Innocent locked behind bars while human rights are
Violated by the coast guard again!!!