Перевод песни JOE – She Used 2 Luv Me

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She Used To Love Me
I remember when we were so inseparable
Our love was so unusual
So young and innocent
I don’t know where it went
But it’s gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
Cause I believe
There’s another man in line
It’s killing me
Cause I thought I finally found my Mrs. Right
Perfect yesterday
Soon it fade away
Disappear without a trace
And I don’t know where she gone
She used to call me up and no she won’t
She used to love me now she don’t anymore
Where did I go wrong
What have seen her side
If I wasn’t filled with self illusion
I know I should walk away
But my heart just won’t obey
And it’s so, so, so, so strong
Ooh my Ooh my
Why should I be a love casualty
Ooh my Ooh my
Somebody better come pray for me
Ooh my Ooh my
Why should I be a love casualty
Ooh Mr. Lover (Mr. Lover)
Ooh Mr. Lover (I still love her)